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Empty of Alien | 22th. March. 2008 - 31th. March | BALLHAUS
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Empty of Alien


- Between This Way and That -




22th. March. 2008 - 31th. March(for 10 days)



Aquazoo-Loebbecke Museum Duesseldorf Kaiserswerther Str. 380 im Nordpark, 40200 Duesseldorf



management : Kunstdoc | planner : Kim Yong Min | support : Arts Council Korea | artist : Cho Chi-yun(Female), Choi Eek-Jin(Female), Han Ho(Male), Kark Boom-Joo, Kim Cho-Hui(Female), Shon Jeung-Eun(Female), Jun Won-Kun(Male)


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Cha Young Song_the isle of the dead_20'54_ntsc video



Empty of Alien


-Between This Way and That-


Kim Yong MIn (curator of Kunstdoc)


Have you ever gone to an island of death? A wrecked ship and bones of human by reason of 'Voice of Seiren'. All of human hesitate to go there. Really, there is 'Between This Way and That.' It is concerned with situation without direction that is deeply into the darkness of us. Just, the door (show) of 'Empty of Alien' starts to open from now on. One fact which we have turned our away until now comes in from the door.

The Lives had been covered a process of Intelligence. Henri Bergson said "Though there is what Intelligence is able to find only, there is what to be unable to fine them through Intelligence obviously. Despite these be able to be found by Instinct, Instinct never be going to find these." All this while, human was To Separate and To Enumerate of many fixed sign into Un-continuity. The infinite Potential of Word is Idea of Thing in regard with that (fixed sign), and helped to extend in world of not fixed thing. This which is an inclination that a sign change one thing into other is a feature of word.



Cho Chi-yun_Self-I LOVE YOU_135x195cm_Oil on Canvas



Choi Eek-Jin_Gaksi spider´s thread_217.6 x12.8 x 7cm (each6)



As soon as we pretend to know this feature of word, we lost this sign to have being originated from a organ of Lives. These (Intelligence and Instinct) originally was linked from recognition, and we just followed what to be hidden by us, certain and easy. What is there reading easy and certain one of them. The Process of Intelligence settles down in ability making artificial tool as a result of ignoring that. Let's perceive Lives just now. We have to check apriority perception. Extremely, until we possess Thing...

Art is between this way and that. Art is different from method working out Mathematics’ problem and acting, feeling that a baby sucks mother's milk. Art takes precedence of a nerve of human. It is not dissimilar with seeing History of art in processing of nerve organ of human. We cannot choose but discuss a point of to percept Intelligence and Instinct with main bone of human. Art is material and form. Originally, Art work can not be expressed in intellectual therefore not anglicizing language. Nevertheless Art work drags all past by itself. Because Art work is lives, and has instinct nature, calls on activity of Intelligence doubly. For this reason, Art work has native feature of word, and this sign moves with time and place.



Gwak Bum Ju_A life selfish ego speaks_53.0x45.5cm_Acrylic on Canvas



Han Ho_La lumiere de l'histoir Technique_Mixte sur toile



Odysseus struggles as soon as he listens to temptation of Seiren. After all he got out of Kapri Island. Art is sweet temptation. Art becomes own of human by the time Odysseus who ties up by himself receives temptation of Seiren in body. Again, we have to fine The Thing of Art in the direction of Sympathie. Sympathie is applied in point of not to reject temptation of Seiren. That is not Understanding, and being conscious ourselves, instinct to see by intuition as long as thinking of Thing.

The word that Art is ‘between this way and that’ speaks of a process of Art. Exactly it is creative evolution of Art. The fact we do not know is to look away 'sympathetic gaze'.

'Between this way and that' show consisted in a background of sympathetic gaze. In terms of show, sympathetic gaze is a proposal and analysis about art space’s other direction. This exhibition shows that art space is Lives. Especially, this displays for priori perception of art space. We had to go beyond a field that is not able to be expressed and analyzed as a result of our sight is familiar with conceptualizing. This show suggests '8 sympathetic gazes' through 8 artists.


Cho Chi-yun(Female) - 'libido' | Choi Eek-Jin(Female) - 'poetry' | Han Ho(Male) - 'memory' | Kark Boom-Joo(Male) - 'instinct' | Kim Cho-Hui(Female) - 'solid' | Shon Jeung-Eun(Female) - 'site' | Jun Won-Kun(Male) - 'idea'



Jun Won-kun_Untiled_130x100cm_Acryl auf Leinwand



Gwak Bum Ju_2007  Paint Art ,Graduate school of fine arts, Kyung hee university | 2004  Paint Art ,College of fine arts, Kyung hee university | Exhibition_2007 A cat shout miow | 2006 China, Sang Hae Exhibition | 2006 "Korean - American Artist Group Exhibition"/ Cheltenham Art Center Philadelphia, U.S.A | 2005 "Lee Who" Exhibition | 2005 Kyung Hee Festival | 2005 "Ma Bae ki" Exhibition


Kim Cho-Hee_2004 M.F.A. Fine Arts, Dongduk Women's University, Seoul, Korea | Solo Exhibitions_2008 Come Into Flower (Gallery Kunstdoc, Seoul) | 2006 'The Fetal' (Invited Exhibition by Gallery The Space, Seoul) | 2006 "COME INTO FLOWER" (Invited Exhibition by noam gallery, Seoul) | 2006 (Sponsored by the korean culture & arts foundation) | 2004 "Petals are dyed " ( Invited Exhibition by EVE gallery, Seoul) | 2003 "Healing through The Light" (Dongduk Art Gallery, Seoul) | Sected Group Exhibitions_2006  6th Preview_Artist Network Program (Alternative space team_preview, Seoul) | 2006 Selected in 'Wake up Andy Warhol' Special producted exhibition (Ssamziegil Gallery, Seoul, Korea) | 2006 Gwangju Biennale-The third sector_Open Art Market(Culture Museum, Gwangju) | 2006 Korean Contemporary Art (Covalenco Gallery, The Netherlands)


Shon Jeung-eun_1998 M.F.A. The Maryland Institute College of Art, MD, USA | 1995 M.F.A. Ewha Woman’s University, Seoul, Korea | 1992 B.F.A. Ewha Woman’s University, Seoul, Korea | Solo Exhibition_2008 “Pornographic Love”, Gallery Kunst Doc. Seoul, Korea | 2004 “Please don’t leave me”, Gamo Gallery, Seoul, Korea. | 2003 “Paradise Regained”. POSCO Art Museum, Seoul, Korea | 2000 “Installation with Performance”, Alternative Space Loop, Seoul, Korea | 2000 “Moon Garden”, 1st Fine Art Center, The Korean Culture and Arts Foundation, Seoul, Korea | 1998 “The House of Reverie”, Decker Gallery, MD, USA | Group Exhibition_2007 “Shall We Smell?”, Space C/ Koreana Museum, Seoul | 2007 “AFI, Speaking of Unspeakable”, Loop,Seoul | 2007 “Where Euclid Walked”, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul | 2006 “Art Spectrum” Leeum Samsung Museum of Modern Art, Seoul



Kim Cho-Hee_Come into flower_80x80cm_FRP



Song Cha-young_09/2002~05/2005 : CUNY of Brooklyn College.  MFA in digital Art | 03/1995~02/1997 : Hong Ik University (seoul, Korea) MFA in painting | 03/1990~02/1994 : Hong Ik University (seoul, Korea) BFA in painting | Solo Show_1998: Second solo exhibition “ Who is Madame Moitesseir?”(gallery Dam in seoul, Korea) | 1996: First solo exhibition ( gallery Gan Hoon in seoul, Korea) | Group Show_2008: An Idiot with a Video Camera (Andante gallery in Seoul , Korea) | 2008: Mild road to go home (Ssamge Art space in Paju, Korea) | 2007: the flower blooms from stone (Art forum Lree in Buchon, Korea) | 2007: the breath of fringe (Art forum Lree in Buchon, Korea)


Jun Won-kun_2003 M.F.A Duesseldorf Kunstakademie Germany / Meisterschueler by Helmut Fedeler | Solo Exbition_2007 "Because..." (2007 Gallery Goyang Artstudio south-korea ) | 2007 "Because ..." (2007 Gallery ON Seoul South-Korea ) | 2007 "Because ..." (2007 Hankisook Gallery Daegu South-Korea ) | 2006 "In the Room" (2006 Kunstverein Heinsberg Germany) | 2006 "Basic Element" (2006 Gallery Kunstraum no 10 Germany) | 2005 "Farbfeld" (2005 Gallery Moenter Meerbusch Germany) | 2005 "NEW WORK" (2005 Gallery Gaildorf Altschloss Germany) | 2004 "Abstraktion, Reduktion, Emotion"(2004 Gallery in Kultur Forum Leverkusen Germany) | 2003 "Der still Klang" (2003 Gallery  Kunstraum no 10 Moenchengladbach Germany) | 2001 "Malerie" (2001 Gallery Moenter Meerbusch Germany)


Cho Chi-yun_Graduated from l'Accademia di Belle Arti di Milano, Italia | Graduate School of Culture & Arts (Buddhist Art & Culture), DONGGUK University | SOLO EXHIBITION_2000 Le Trottoir Ritrovo d'Arte | 2004‘Rara'-gallery LaMer | 2005 InsaArtCenter | 2006 'Magia'- gallery LaMer | GROUP EXHIBITION_2006 Korean Young Artists Biennale 2006...... | 2004 'di Art'-collezione di seminario vescovile di trapani | 2002 Ceramica per Maiera'-spazio giovani artisti orientali | 2001 Intersezioni oriente-occidente | 1999 Premio di studio 'Angelo Tenchio' | 1997 5th International Exhibition Milano-Tokyo



Shon Jeung-eun_Pornographic love_ Flower Inc



Choi, Eek-Jin_1998 M. A., Chungang University, Department of Fine Art (Korean Way of Painting) | 1993 B. A., Chungang University, Department of Fine Art  | Awards_2004 The 23rd Grand Art Exhibition of Korea, Special Prize | 2003 The 32th Figurative Exhibition of Gusangjeon, Special Prize | 1996 Selected as "New Artists for Gallery of Korean Electric Power Corporation" | Individual Exhibitions_2007 Becoming U / Kumhomuseum | 2005 Non-distant Distance : The Eyes of Walls /  Insa Art Center  | 2004 Non-distant Distance : Utopia /  Art Space Mieum Project | 2003 Nothing Exists in the World : Utopia / Dongduk Art Gallery


Han, Ho_2005-2006 M.A.P of Fine art of Paris 8 Vincennes university | 2004-2005 Department of Fine art of Paris 8 Vincennes university | PERSONAL EXHIBITIONS_2006 5th solo Exhibition ( La defance  le tiot de grande arche , paris) | 2004 4th solo Exhibition ( gallery  taibout, Paris) | 2002 3rd solo Exhibition (Seoul Arts Center Art Museum) | 2000 2nd solo Exhibition (Kong Pyung Art Center) | 1998 1st  solo Exhibition invited by( Gallery Ewho) | GOUP EXHIBITIONS_2007 Exhibition NEO WYAK 2007 Xiaopu Yizhan Metropolitan Museum of Contemporary Art, Beijiing, China | Exhibition TRANCEPARENCE   art center paris - paris | Exhibition 17e RALLYE  PEDSTRE de CHAMPCUEIL champcueil  france | Exhibition P-N contempoary art exhibition space world gallery - new york | 2006 Exhibition of Contemporary Art (A la place du spectateur,paris) | 2005 Exhibition of Contemporary Art (( ATHNA )) (France) | Exhibition of Contemporary Art 50 year Salon de MONTGEROU (Paris) | 2004 Invitational Exhibition International biennale (CHIZE , France) | (HYPE-GALLERY) Museum of Contemporary Art ( Palais Tokyo, Paris) | 2003 Exhibition ((AUTOPORTRAITS)) Center of Active Sports D,P,M,A(Paris) | Exhibition of Contemporary Art  Espace Tristan Bernard-paris




  이방인의 빈방 I | 발하우스 | 2008. 3.22(토) ~ 2008. 3.31(월) 2806
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